Grote Nederlandse Kunst Kalender 2017


Through the admissions of the art calendar of Brabant, the one of Amsterdam and the calendar of the Hague they selected 365 works to make the official Dutch Art Calendar and my admission has been selected for this amazing calendar. I am so honoured to participate in this calendar and can't wait to see it! The release will be around the same date as the Brabantse art calendar, somewhere in the beginning of november.

Little Ones


I've recently started a new project called "little ones".The idea for this serie is the fact that most of the time my head is working overtime while my hands simply can't keep up. During the creation of a bigger drawing i spent months working on the same piece of paper. But new ideas appear every day, and what should I do with those? Some are worth keeping for upcoming bigger drawings but other ones are only popping up to disappear again the same day. To keep some sort of speed and flow in my work i started to work out smaller ideas into smaller drawings, trying to not work for longer than one hour on one drawing. The result is surprising, and I have a lot of fun working on this serie alongside the bigger registration drawings.

Grote Brabantse Kunstkalender 2017


I am excited to let you all know that my work has been selected for the Brabantse art calendar 2017! The sculpture "Head" (2011) will have it's own day on the calendar. Which day it will be is still a guess, but I can't wait to find out! The calendar will be realeased in november 2016, so stay tuned for more updates.

PUP Store

16-20 september 2015


I will be joining other artists and designers in the PUP store in Breda, the Netherlands. Besides working on a new sculpture I have been drawing a lot of small drawings over the past couple of weeks. These will be shown in the PUP store, as well as smaller sculptures of mine. The PUP store will only be there for a short period of time, so don't miss the chance to come and visit us!

ZomerExpo 2015 WOEST

4 juli - 20 september


I'm very happy to announce that my sculpture 'In illusions of order' has been selected for the summer exhibition in the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag!

For this exhibition in the museum of the Hague 3000 artworks were submitted. On four distinct dates in 2015, qualifying rounds were held in four different cities in the Netherlands. During these days a 45-person jury consisting of gallery owners, curators, art critics and artists selects a maximum of 275 works of art, all of which have been anonymously submitted. Each distinct work of art has to speak for itself – and it is only its expressiveness and distinctive quality that count, since neither the names nor the backgrounds of the artists responsible for the works are revealed during the selection process.


24 april - 30 juni


Een nieuwe pop up store gaat van start, deze keer in de emmapassage in Tilburg! Ook mijn werk is hier vertegenwoordigd, plus het werk van 29 andere ontwerpers en kunstenaars.


16 FEB - 1 MRT 2015


You are all invited to visit the pop-up shop I will be having with Brandhout (furniture made out of old drum-material). New sculptures and drawings will be shown and sold, as well as my cards and older work! Also.. a collabortion between Brandhout and myself will be revealed...

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